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What’s your strategy?

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belfort Remodeling and building is a rewarding challenge.belfort silver wolf pocket knifebelfortbelfort silver wolf pocket knife   You need to have a good, solid plan and think through all of the decisions before they hit you head on. There are many details to consider and because all of the pieces come together like a puzzle, if you’re missing one or more pieces, the end result is never quite what it could have been.

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I formed IDSelections to help homeowners through the maze of remodeling and to make sure their projects have all the special details while remaining practical to enhance the extra space created.belfortbelfort

It’s an exciting time and should be managed with information and guidance so the decisions can be made and construction continues.  You want to enjoy your new space as soon as possible!

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I have spent nearly a decade focusing my work on remodeling and new construction projects.  Every project is unique and I remain open minded for the client to find the best design solutions to fit their needs.  Experience as a Real Estate agent also brings the evaluation of return on investment which is a consideration for many.  I have always enjoyed helping individuals, couples and families establish their most important place of comfort – their home. 

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Please contact me to discuss your next project or with any questions/concerns you may have.  I have the vision to foresee all the pieces that need to come together and would be delighted to discuss your ideas, the improvements you seek, or building plans you may have.  Diane Wigbers 908-310-5449

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